Monday, 18 August 2014

Comica Comiket

Thank you to everyone who came by our table at Comica Comiket! I just wish the library was open a bit longer - I was having too much fun

The next event will be the Bristol Comic & Zine Fair on Saturday 4th October 2014. I will be sharing half a table with Sarah Fogg again so we will be bringing slightly limited stock. But we really love making new things so there will probably be something brand new on the table.

We can also confirm that our table at Thought Bubble will be in New Dock Hall! for further information on events see the blog sidebar.

What's The Time Mrs. Woolf? Summer 2014 - Pirates!

The preview is from my 2 page comic in the new summer issue of What's The Time Mrs. Woolf?  This time the zine had a pirates theme. My comic is only very loosely based on the theme. You can read more about the zine in pirate slang and learn contributor's pirate names here.

WTTMW? has open submissions for women and girls. If you're interested in sending something the submission information for autumn is now online.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Manchester MCM Comic Con 2014

Thank you to everyone we saw at Manchester MCM Comic Con! It was a really great event and I had a brilliant time at the table with Sarah Fogg. The stormy weather meant it was a soggy convention, but that didn’t seem to get in the way of the fun! (Photos of Sarah)

I launched #2 of Giant Rhinos In Space at the event. Most items in the photos are available to order from my Etsy shop or Sarah’s Etsy shop.  (and the Adventure Time/Attack On Titan poster on the far right is by our table neighbour Ryuuza)

The next event we’re attending is Comica Comiket at The British Library on Saturday 16th August! We can also now confirm we have a half table at the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair this year. (full list of events list on the blog sidebar)

Thursday, 10 July 2014

New Comics For Manchester MCM Comic Con

I've printed 2 new books ready to take to Manchester MCM Comic Con on the 19th-20th July. Giant Rhinos In Space #2 and a open submissions Gorillaz Fanzine. I will be sharing a table with Sarah Fogg - we will also have some new free mini comics to hand out and the brand new summer pirate themed issue of What's The Time Mrs. Woolf?

We have added a comics event over the summer - we will be at Comica Comiket at The British Library on Saturday 16th August 2014! (See the right hand side of the blog for current event list)

Giant Rhinos #2 and the Gorillaz Fanzine are now available to order through my Etsy Shop.

(Sorry about the hazy photographs - It's very bright today and I tried my best with a phone camera and photoshop)

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Gig Sketches 2014

Honeyblood supporting Courtney Barnett at The Hare And Hounds May 2014

I started drawing at small gigs for a university project, but it turned out to be a lot of fun so I still draw bands if it's possible. These are my favourite sketches from the beginning of this year.

Courtney Barnett and the Courtney Barnetts at The Hare And Hounds May 2014

Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip at The Godiva Festival July 2014

We Are Scientists at The Godiva Festival July 2014

Sunday, 1 June 2014

House Party Illustration

This illustration is for Rachael Smith's House Party graphic novel. You can preorder the book from the Great Beast website.

The Tea Book - Apple And Cinnamon Tea

In May Rebecca Burgess organised a Tea themed project. Each illustrator designed a character based on a different type of tea. The final art book has a great variety of styles. My entry was based on Apple and Cinnamon Tea.

Monday, 26 May 2014

London MCM Comic Con 2014

I went to London MCM Comic Con with Sarah Fogg last weekend. Thank you to everyone who came by our table or bought comics.

The next event we will be attending will be at Manchester MCM Comic con at the end of July. The table will be in the Comic Village again! We will be launching some new Zines and Free Mini Comics!

Most items in the photos are available to order from my Etsy shop or Sarah’s Etsy shop.

Monday, 12 May 2014

BCExpo 2014

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our table at BCExpo! It was nice chatting to friends again this year.

On Sunday we made had a house of cards battle with our free mini comics - Sarah won

The next event we're attending is London MCM Expo! You'll be able to find us in the comics village.We update the free mini comics every year so this will be the last event we use this set. 

Most items in the photo are available to order from my Etsy shop or Sarah's Etsy shop.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Music Zine #3

Sarah Fogg and I compile a music zine together roughly once a year called This Is Not A Serious Music Publication. We will print the next issue once we have enough comics, articles, gig sketches, illustrations to fill a new one. These are just some previews of some of the things I've started this year. Cyborg Noodle from Gorillaz, a comic about the Franz Ferdinand tour and Mordecai and the Rigbys VS. Marceline And The Scream Queens. Last year's issue is still available to order through Etsy.